It is important to ensure the

"Shoeing Process"

of the hoof, is adequate

for the horse's condition.


FARRIER U is a private trade school located in Dade City, Florida, sitting on the Northeast corner of beautiful Pasco County.  Established in 2004, FARRIER U is family owned and operated.  Our courses are kept small and accelerated for our students to gain the maximum training under the guidance and instruction of senior educator, Emmet Stevens, Sr.  He instructs all students first-hand.  Our students are fortunate to witness Emmet's excellence in performance on all types of horses ranging from backyard horses all the way up to the World Class Show Horses.  Emmet is well-known for his methods in performance, his knowledge on the anatomy of a horse and of the way a horse should move.  His keen sense of horsemanship also enables him to have good judgment of a horse which helps him to anticipate the horse's every move.  He takes PRIDE in the skills and techniques that he owns and has mastered over the years and encourages all students to set goals to accomplish this same pride for themselves.

OUR MISSION is to train and educate individuals in the field of farriery.  Students will learn to assess, treat and maintain the health and soundness of horses.    We strive in preparing our students to be a self-employed farrier with values of honesty and integrity.